Why you Need an SEO Coach

Posted on Jul 10, 2015 |

Let’s get right down to the facts: No matter how much money you pour into marketing – whether toward business cards, advertisements, research or the like – a large portion of your website traffic is inevitably sent by search engines like Google.

On a day-to-day basis, we ourselves rely on Google, Yahoo or Bing to sort through the hundreds of millions of existing websites and select the one which best answers our questions, offers our favorite products or enables us to connect with the right people (especially *cough* SEO developers).

And to do this, all we need provide the search engine is a few keywords relevant to what we’re looking for. Most of us, of course, take this process for granted, but it’s far more intricate than we could even imagine.

Believe it or not, every month or more, search engine “spiders” are sent to “crawl” the pages your website, gathering information about the content of each page and determining where and when to list it in search results — after all, we’re a part of the “web.”

SEO is Serious Business
Odd as all this may sound, the functionality of search engines is a really big deal; so heavily coveted are their algorithms that the companies themselves don’t reveal them — resulting in tens of millions of dollars poured into SEO research every year.

Researchers in the field conduct massive investigations involving thousands of websites in attempting to uncover the recipe behind the search engines’ secret sauce – that is, to figure out what causes boosts in ranking.

The sauce’s sophistication (try saying THAT ten times fast), combined with the continual revisions made by search engine companies, leaves even many professional web designers in the dark regarding how best to approach and coach businesses in SEO practices.

This complexity, and a general fear among the public of arachnids, makes it easy to dismiss the importance of SEO and leave search engines to “figure it out” for themselves.

It’s important to remember, however, that – for good or for ill – search engines hold almost unprecedented power over use of the web, systematically influencing whether thousands of targeted customers find your business or your competitors’.

Search Engines Just Want to be your Friends
This capacity of search engines to bring you targeted traffic means Google can be your partner in crime, so long as you have someone who knows how it thinks. After all, what other business specifically seeks to bring together customers and businesses at no cost to either party?

Here’s where an SEO coach comes in. Think of him/her like a therapist for your website, identifying problems and helping you to bring about improvements (all without asking a single question about your mother).

With the assistance they provide, you can go on to make your website the search engine’s pet, changing its structure, content and form to be in keeping with the preferences of these companies.

By providing search engines with bits of extra information, and by making this information more readily accessible, you can more clearly convey what your website is all about and make the task of their spiders less laborious. As a result, your website will be rewarded with improvements in ranking.

There are, of course, more ways to improve the ranking of your website than these. An SEO coach can also help you to acquire more backlinks – links from other websites to your own – so as to provide you with greater credibility in the eyes of search engines (Google doesn’t just show favoritism, it also has trust issues).

It is the acquisition of these backlinks that explains why large businesses, like Amazon, often outrank smaller ones. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to compete with Amazon, you could very well gain an edge over other businesses of similar size to your own.

Turning Lemons into…Rankings
An SEO analysis enables you to build upon a marketing tool you already possess, your website, and profit significantly more as a result (an analogous scenario would be receiving training on how to sell yourself, making the business cards you already distribute that much more effective).

Proper optimization entails not only acquiring more visitors but also increasing the percentage of visitors websites going on to become paying customers – termed your website’s “conversion rate.”

Thus, SEO not only places you in contact with consumers but with targeted consumers most likely to make a purchase and thus directly improves helps to improve your bottom line.

While many in decades past used to scour the Yellow Pages looking for a business, people in the contemporary age find businesses through search engines. (How, after all, did you find this very website?)

Phoenix SEO Co. uses established SEO principles to help you tap into the many thousands of Googlers ready and waiting to discover your website. Having helped hundreds of business owners grow and expand their presence on the web, Deacon, an SEO coach, can help you to do the same.

When you’re ready to get started, get in touch with us and start learning, or view more detailed information on our available packages.