Top Ten Benefits of SEO Coaching

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 |

While the use of SEO services is on the rise, many new business owners don’t fully understand the host of benefits these services — and particularly coaching services — can bring.

While there are some factors to consider in deciding whether SEO coaching is right for your website, there are also a great many positive benefits, many of which we discuss here.

Search Engines Rule

A basic understanding of SEO is essential to the success of your business. Search engines dominate the Internet, and it’s essential that you learn to play their game in order to continually acquire new visitors (not to mention paying customers!) for your website.

Your Skills will Last

While an SEO coach will primarily guide you through suggestions directly pertinent to your current website, they will also teach you some basic SEO principles which may apply to any future websites or redesigns to come. Because of this, an SEO coach can best help you to reach all your business goals both now and in the future.

You’ll get a Competitive Edge

Every search engine user you convince to click your website is one less user clicking on any of the websites of your competitors. With SEO, not only are you gaining traffic toward your website, but you’re actively taking prospective customers from your competitors. Try finding another marketing professional who can do that!

SEO is Tricky without Assistance

You might think that the best way to rank for a given keyword is to include that word tens of times on every page. You might also think paying for thousands of directory links will help your website’s ranking enormously.

Believe it or not, SEO professionals almost unanimously recommend against these and other similar techniques. Without a foundational knowledge in what search engines look for, your intuitions about optimizing your website could very likely lead you in the wrong direction.

There are Resources Available

As you might imagine, adding fresh content (such as through blogs) is a great way to both retain visitors and improve your search engine ranking, but not everyone is looking to add blog-writing to their resume.

Did you know that there are websites on which you can buy pre-written articles (or request that new articles be written)? An SEO coach can provide you with these resources and others which can help you with those areas you’re not comfortable implementing.

It’s Never too Late to Turn Things Around

If you’ve been penalized for linking to spammy websites (or from getting linked to by these websites), an SEO coach can show you how to remedy your (search engine) reputation and begin anew with a clean slate.

Search Engines want to be your Friends (Most of the Time)

Ultimately, search engines just want to provide users with precisely those websites they’re looking for, but Google can’t always separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you know your website and content is high-quality, letting Google and others know of this through the addition of keywords (and other forms of optimization) can dramatically improve your search engine rankings.

Not only this, Google offers tools and resources to help webmasters with SEO — you just need to know where to look.

Search Engines Give Popular Websites a Bigger Boost

Receiving links from other high-quality websites is a surefire way to improve your rankings, but many don’t know where to start in finding websites to link to their own.

An SEO coach can walk you through techniques of competitor analysis, allowing you to identify websites linking to your competitors and persuade them into linking to your own, and also provide suggestions for high-quality directories.

Everything can be a Source of Keywords

Did you know that the text which appears when you hover over an image can be a valuable source of information for search engines? How about the header of your website?

There are tens of ways to work keywords into your website (even for those who want to keep their content short and sweet). An SEO coach will teach you how best to work keywords in.

The More Optimization of Other Websites, The More your Website will Need

Search engine optimization is very clearly on the rise, which makes it all the more essential that your website be optimized to keep up. If most other websites are optimized while yours is not, you incur the risk of losing a great deal of traffic to your competitors’ websites.

Looking to hire an SEO coach for your website? Get in touch with us and start learning today.