SEO Coaching

SEO Coaching in white on Chalkboard Whether you are new to search engine optimization or you have been doing it for a while, it can be a difficult terrain to navigate on your own. We provide SEO Coaching services in addition to SEO packages to help businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to implement their own search engine optimization strategies online.

Why hire an SEO coach?

Sometimes you might find yourself stuck which can limit you from making any progress with your search engine rankings. SEO coaching can help you get to the next level. With our expertise in getting several clients to the #1 position in Google (See case studies), we can help analyze your site as well as the competition to see what needs to be done to get the results that will increase your online presence. We can help you develop an SEO strategy that you can implement yourself so that you can get to increase the number of people who find you online.

SEO Coaching Packages


If you are looking for someone to coach you on a monthly basis, this package would be for you. If you live in the Phoenix area, then meeting in person may be the best option. If you do not live in Arizona, that is not a problem. We can do SEO coaching via Skype and use their screen-sharing functionality. Although this is a virtual session, I assure you that you will get just as much out meeting online as if we met in person.


Perhaps you are just stuck on one particular keyword and want to hire an SEO Coach on an hourly basis. We would love to help. Our hourly rate is $125 per hour and we can work around your schedule to develop an online marketing strategy that works best for you.

Group Training

Do you have a team of people that implement the SEO strategy for your company? We can do group coaching in person or even online to help train your entire team. Generally, for these type of sessions, we use Google hangout so that everyone can be a part of the session and have the ability to patch in remotely so that not everyone needs to be in the same room.

Is SEO Coaching right for you?

While SEO is a skill-set that can be taught, it is a technical skill that requires some basic knowledge of the internet and online marketing. One of our coaches will be able to teach you no matter where you are in the spectrum. Whether you are not too technologically savvy or you have a CIS degree, we can help you grow your online presence. We are able to do screen sharing which enables us to walk you through step-by-step what to do. If you are an entrepreneur that has a DIY spirit or even if you are just looking for a low-cost SEO solution, this is a great option. Still not sure? Check out our article “is SEO Coaching Right for You?”

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