Is SEO Coaching Right for You?

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 |

While many small business owners are of the impression that SEO coaching is only affordable  by very large businesses, this simply is no longer the case.

Many small businesses find that SEO is not only affordable but absolutely essential to remaining competitive; how else, after all, can you dramatically improve your access to millions of targeted audience members?

Because search engines are so often a primary source of traffic for websites, seizing upon that fact often allows business owners to redirect search traffic not only toward their own website but away from the websites of their competitors.

But like any other marketing technique, SEO isn’t applicable to every business. Below, we discuss some general categories of factors to consider when deciding whether to partner with an SEO coach (or pursue SEO services of any kind).

Remember, these are just some factors to bear in mind; search engine optimization may be beneficial for every website to some degree.

Websites don’t Always Age Well

The Professionalism of your Website
Because the standards of web design are constantly changing, even websites designed within the last 7-8 years may start to show their age spots.  If your website looks like your mother-in-law in the mornings, put your money toward web design first.

While search engine optimization will certainly bring your website targeted customers, it cannot make them stick around for dinner; giving your website a face-lift may do more to drive profits (by encouraging visitors you already have) than simply bringing in additional visitors to an unprofessional-looking website.

If you have a professional-looking website already, seize upon that fact and direct your energies toward improving your SEO. The better-looking your website, the more opportunities you’re likely to gain from additional search traffic.

The Number of Years Since your Last Redesign
Businesses which have recently given their website a makeover or which are not going to be doing so in the near future are the most suitable candidates for SEO optimization and coaching.

If you’re just looking to fix a few wrinkles, don’t worry: The general principles learned through SEO coaching will likely still apply.

But for those business owners planning on making major changes within the next year, it might not yet be worth the expense only to later pay for additional optimization or coaching come the completion of your new website.

Customer Relations: It’s Complicated

The Complexity of your Product or Service
Beginning to forge a relationship between your customers and your brand is never easy, but this is sometimes the case because a business needs potential customers to try products in-person to fully understand what they’re all about.

If you don’t have that pick-up line you can use on your website to hone in customers and drive sales, devote your time and effort toward product demonstrations. Those businesses with products or services which may very clearly be demonstrated through text or media are likely to benefit the most from SEO.

Supply and Demand
It’s not enough to make customers fall in love with your product; you have to be able to hold up your end of the relationship. For businesses owners looking to give their website massive optimizations, it’s important that enough product be available should a spike in sales take place.

Concentration, Concentration, Concentration

You Need to Commit
Like the housing market, the SEO market is always changing, but the basic principles remain the same. Unlike other SEO services, SEO coaching uniquely involves the customer learning these fundamental principles which may later be applied to additional websites (or website redesigns) in the future.

Those more specific principles taught will of course be tailored to the website in question, but even some of these may pop up in the future when redesigning your website or creating new ones.

Because of this, getting the biggest bang for your buck involves not only devoting your time to learning but putting on your learning cap as well. Like a consultant, an SEO coach’s advice may be of benefit for many more businesses than one.

You Have to Be Willing to Change Things Up
One of the most essential aspects of SEO often involves updating your content to include relevant keywords. You have to be willing to add additional content, rewrite existing content and make other relevant changes (renovations) in the interest of bettering your search engine rankings.

And content isn’t the only thing which might need changing: With time, Google has taken into account increasingly more factors in determining where to rank websites. Factors like the speed of your website and the accessibility of your website’s pages, among others, may now influence where your website ranks.

What you do with your website is, of course, ultimately up to you, but changes to the content, structure and design of your website may be useful for benefiting most fully from SEO coaching.

SEO is a tricky business, but an SEO coach can help to simplify all its complexities and allow you, your website and your business to benefit. The above factors, however, are worth keeping in mind when deciding whether to get started with an SEO coach today.